A Brotherhood for the Modern Day Man

Established in 2021 with the mental health and well being of men in mind

By Practicing Brotherhood, We Set a Good Example for those Around us and in Return we feel a Sense of Self Fulfillment

Laid Back Lads
Laid Back Lads


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About the Founder

Founded in 2021 by Canadian Clint Wall

“As a man who has struggled with my own internal dialogue, fixating on negative thoughts and allowing myself to dwell in the criticism of others, I discovered that I was not going to get out of my own head without a little help”. Clint sought the help from a professional and started to realize that he was not alone in his struggles which lead him to find other men who could relate. He created LBL as not only an outlet for his own personal journey but to help other men that felt stuck in the same way he was.


We know how hard it is to face challenges alone, especially when as men, we have been taught to “man up, not speak up”. So we’ve created this space as a place for the modern day man to access resources and services to help them navigate the struggles that come with being a man in todays world. Here on the resources page you will find information and service links to help you learn more about what your experiencing and what resources may be helpful to overcome some of your challenges. Remember, “no man is left behind”!