We are a group designed to remove the stigma of being a “MAN” because it’s ok to be vulnerable in front of other men. We are building a brotherhood so that men can share their struggles and support each other in a safe space. No two men’s experiences are alike and through sharing these experiences, men can provide support and resources for other men.

If you’re a man that has your sh*t together but often feels like it is not in the face of adversity or that you’re hiding the struggle of living in a fast paced, challenging world of expectations (hello… you are the “man” right!) than this group is for you. See, we are a brotherhood for the modern day man. Men who value personal development because we know how lonely, dark, emotional, depressing, challenging and hard life can be when you have to go it alone and we know this because many of us have already walked that path.

That is why we have created this space. A safe community for men to share their struggles, stories and seek the support they need to overcome these challenges.

At LBL we partner with other men (and women) to provide our brothers with the tools and resources they need to improve their well being and mental health.

We do this by sharing our stories and personal struggles, by gathering as a group in a social setting and by bringing in the cavalry (our support system) to help educate men about the importance of sharing how they are feeling and doing. There is no shame in vulnerability, only growth.

We are working on bringing you these resources in a membership platform so that you can choose when and how you use these tools and resources. We also believe that we need more than just support, we need brotherhood so we’ve added some extra value by providing social events throughout the month so that we can all get to know each other on a more personal level.

Soon you will have access to our membership platform and social events so stay tuned to our website!


Membership details coming soon