You’re not Alone

Something we NEED you to know… You’re NOT alone! Everyone struggles with something at some point in their lives, even Men.

Laid Back Lads “A Brotherhood for the modern day Man”

Here are some facts about Canadian men and their mental health:

  • Around 10% of Canadian men experience significant mental health challenges in their life
  • Approximately one million Canadian men suffer from major depression each year
  • On average, approximately 4,000 Canadians take their own life each year, of those suicides; 75% are men
  • Canadian indigenous men have a suicide rate that is double that of the Canadian national average
  • Inuit men being 11 times the national average
  • Gay men have a higher rate of depression, anxiety, suicidality, self-harm, and substance abuse in comparison to their heterosexual counterparts
  • In order of highest to lowest, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Yukon, New Brunswick, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Alberta have the highest suicide rates among men in Canada

We know how important it is to talk about topics like addiction, suicide, mental awareness, coping and mindset so that we can be available to one another to help support each other to become stronger both physically and mentally so that we can overcome these challenges.

Lad Back Lads provides this support as a “brotherhood for the modern day man” with regular events, special guests, coffee and conversation and coming soon, personal development and awareness coaching and training available through our membership platform.